The Night Before Christmas

…from our house to yours

T’was the night before Christmas, everyone was home

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with public health orders its not safe to roam.

I searched our tiny house for my favourite space

every corner I turned there was another face.

Sister in the games room with her strawberry beer

looks like her bubble will be hanging out here.

The room is aglow with colourful lights

with only close friends there probably won’t be any fights

Oma sits cosy on her overstuffed chair

surfing the web without a care.

Another zoom call with her friends from afar

they all seem to think she’s an internet superstar.

Opa in the office, quiet as can be,

researching stats for a new SUV.

The Honda’s been great but after 20 years

he says its time to unload it before it won’t shift gears.

Dad’s upstairs in his dark gaming room

the volume’s intense shaking the house with a boom.

He’ll be there for hours shooting away

hopefully he gets some sleep before Christmas day.

Buddy is at the front window on patrol

waiting for a visitor from the North Pole.

A bright flash in the sky, a thud in the yard

he’s barking like mad, his tail wagging hard.

I open the door and let the dog out

as he runs back and forth, there is no doubt.

The smell of barnyard gives it away

there must some reindeer snacking on the hay.

From in the living room there is so much noise

I’m a little concerned with the big guy’s lack of poise.

Then I see the sack, full of gifts

the brim is flowing over, my attitude shifts.

I’m sure it’s not easy travelling all night

toys to deliver, a world to delight.

In a year filled with both uncertainty and fear

I for one am very glad Santa decided to appear.

He unpacks the parcels quickly, arranging them under the tree

He’s a popular guy tonight with lots of places to be.

Just like that, lickety split, he’s back on his sleigh

urging his reindeer to carry him away.

From my house to yours on this Merry Christmas eve

I wish you all the best and urge you to believe.

Whether near or far, we are in this together

I’m sure the new year can only get better.