The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


For most people, such a game does not need any introduction. However, for the small minority, Skyrim is a role playing fantasy game based in a civil war torn country. It is the 5th installment in The Elder Scrolls series and has won numerous awards such as, “PC Game of the Year”, “RPG of the Year”, and “Overall Game of the Year”.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Above, the protagonist is seen strutting thru one of the game’s many towns.

The story is, in this phrase, mind blowing. Very few games are able to attain such a level of greatness in a narrative, and no game can compare to Skyrim.

Despite the fact that it will never be seen as Bethesda’s best game, it has many key components which do not make it their best title. The graphics, although not fantastic, are still great. Despite the lack of ultra-realistic graphics, the game is still extremely enjoyable since you become fully immersed in Bethesda’s medieval-esque fantasy world.

The story is, in this phrase, mind blowing.

The game play is pretty good, the fighting system works nicely and the player is really able to be immersed while adventuring. But really, as I’ve already stated, the narrative the game is able to deliver will top any other facet of this game no matter how impressive they may be.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Above, the game’s fighting GUI is showcased in an encounter with one of the game’s iconic dragons.

Over all, it is entirely worth the hefty price it has for the simple fact that it is a whole experience to play Skyrim

One of the best, simple.

PROS: amazing story/narrative, great gameplay, good graphics, good modding community

CONS: sometimes bland voice -acting

Red Dead Redemption 2

If one statement could perfectly encapsulate my opinion on Red Dead Redemption 2, it would be, “The game that should have been crowned game of the year last year.”

Being such a large game, I don’t even know where to start without spoiling it for those who have yet to complete this amazing adventure.

Apart from the technical and visual masterpiece that it is, Red Dead Redemption 2 also has one of the most beautiful and immersive stories I’ve ever experienced in a game.

The story itself has many unique and diversely traited characters and possesses what is, in my opinion, extremely well written dialogue.

One critical feature that makes this game amazing is how it is able to balance the story and the open world. In some games, you are entirely engulfed by the story as you proceed mission after mission after mission. In others, you are left with minimal story and are essentially dumped in the middle of an open world without any purpose.

The game that should have been crowned game of the year last year.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, it gives you the ability to choose how much you involve yourself in the story, while also offering many interesting tasks which could be completed outside of the main storyline.

“I can say without a doubt that I fully recommend purchasing this title”


PROS: Pros: well-written dialogue, beautiful graphics, beautiful soundtrack, immersive story, entertaining open-world, well-executed game play.

CONS: none


What is NBA2K19?

Is it a nearly limitless multiplayer competitive basketball game in which you as well as your friends will find infinite entertainment?

Well, that’s what it is supposed to be, but it really isn’t. It is an even sadder truth that the game would actually be above-average if it was not littered with micro-transactions, sometimes game-breaking bugs, and repetitive gameplay.

It is so obvious that the game was not made for your enjoyment, but rather your money. The developers seem fairly careless to the matter that their gameplay has been recycled throughout the existence of their entire game franchise.

Of course, the game does incentivize you to play well by offering virtual currency, etcetera. But, after you’ve done that, you are left with the question of “what now?”.

Despite the point that the game offers various modes (MyGM, MyLeague, MyCareer), each mode still bares the unbearable sensation of ennui while you joylessly tap away at your controller or keyboard.

Of course, the game does incentivize you to play well by offering virtual currency, etcetera. But, after you’ve done that, you are left with the question of “what now?”.

The game is not entirely horrible, though. There are many aspects of the game which are above par compared to other games. One example is the graphics quality.

It is an ongoing joke that NBA2K19 destroys its competitors when it comes to graphical quality, but it’s true. But, all in all there is one simple statement which should be said to any consumer who is considering making this purchase;

“If you want NBA2K18 with a new name, buy this. If you want a basketball game which puts individual skill above how much money you spend on the game, find something else.”

PROS: great graphics – sometimes interesting game play

CONS: so many micro transactions, gets boring after awhile, feels like the game was rushed in development


 Minecraft. From the moment it was released in 2009, it was obvious that it was bound to become a “classic” game. I have an issue with reviewing this game due to the simple fact that there is actually very little wrong with it.

It provides a literally endless environment filled with diverse biomes to roam in which the player can do whatever they want.

The multiplayer feature allows you to make it more entertaining by experiencing it with your friends. The graphics are, in their own respect, fairly decent.

The gameplay, although it can be sometimes repetitive, is always filled with excitement since Minecraft is one of the few games that gives you complete power to do whatever you want.

Really, even though I may have some bias since I’ve played it for years, it is worth the purchase. Not only is it an extremely high quality game, but the price is fairly cheap when you think about how worse games have cost more.

It is a fact that out of every game, Minecraft definitely has garnered the best, most creative online fanbase and community imaginable.

“Breaking and placing cubes has never been this fun.”

In conclusion, the real beauty of lies in its simplicity, making it worth every cent of its thirty dollar price tag.

PROS: great multiplayer, decent graphics, great online community, fantastic game play.

CONS: none