I should start by saying that ROBLOX is , in my opinion, a free and online version of Minecraft.

ROBLOX is a game primarily targeted at kids which has over 178,000,000 active accounts

However that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your time.

Basically roblox is an online multi-player platform which allows users to play as well as create millions of games. In all honesty, it does definitely allow you more freedom that Minecraft in the sense that it literally lets anyone program and design their own game while also being able to play millions of other games – for free.

The graphics are also certainly more than one would expect from an online game, but the graphics don’t even matter since ROBLOX is as fun as the person playing is able to make it.

I believe the pure ability to create whatever you want through programming and designing while socializing with your friends simultaneously is what separate ROBLOX from its competitors.

Above, the layout of ROBLOX’s studio application, which allows players to create their own games, is shown

Even though some segments of its community are sketchy, parents should feel entirely confident letting their kids play this game.

I’ll say it blatantly: this game is entertaining, educational, safe and most certainly worth the time for whoever chooses to play it.

It’s extensive library of game play, studio feature, and supportive staff and player community make ROBLOX a platform which everyone is able to enjoy, this making it worth the while.

PROS: decent graphics, extensive gameplay choices, game designing feature, great community

CONS: microtransations