Minecraft. From the moment it was released in 2009, it was obvious that it was bound to become a “classic” game. I have an issue with reviewing this game due to the simple fact that there is actually very little wrong with it.

It provides a literally endless environment filled with diverse biomes to roam in which the player can do whatever they want.

The multiplayer feature allows you to make it more entertaining by experiencing it with your friends. The graphics are, in their own respect, fairly decent.

The gameplay, although it can be sometimes repetitive, is always filled with excitement since Minecraft is one of the few games that gives you complete power to do whatever you want.

Really, even though I may have some bias since I’ve played it for years, it is worth the purchase. Not only is it an extremely high quality game, but the price is fairly cheap when you think about how worse games have cost more.

It is a fact that out of every game, Minecraft definitely has garnered the best, most creative online fanbase and community imaginable.

“Breaking and placing cubes has never been this fun.”

In conclusion, the real beauty of lies in its simplicity, making it worth every cent of its thirty dollar price tag.

PROS: great multiplayer, decent graphics, great online community, fantastic game play.

CONS: none