When paying anywhere from 80-130$ for a speaker, it is utterly reasonable for one to expect the device to work, for the most part, without issue. Being an owner of a WonderBoom speaker, I can easily say that I was and still am completely satisfied with having paid that much for the product.

The different variations of the speaker, all equal in quality.

I’ve had my personal one for approximately six months and still have yet to face any technical or general issue with the device.

Considering its manageable, relatively small size, the speaker is quite impressive in regard to how loud it can play music at a high quality. The bass should also be mentioned due to the fact that even though the speaker itself is the size of a large apple, you can still feel the bass send vibrations through your body while holding it.

Many other features make the speaker worth buying though, such as its convenient portability, durability, waterproof body, and 10 hour battery life. All of the facets ensure that this product would be a great gift for anyone, regardless of what their preferences are.

Above, even more variations of the same model.

In conclusion, the speaker is what it should be, a speaker. It works without delay or issue and is able to change the atmosphere of an entire room almost instantly. Due to that fact, I can easily say it is worth its retail price.

PROS: waterproof, durable, loud, high quality sound, impressive bass, extremely mobile/portable

CONS: none

100% worth the purchase.