NBA YoungBoy

Genre: Rap , Hip Hop

Sub-genre: Drill

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Realer, YoungBoy’s latest album.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again, also known as NBA YoungBoy, was born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden on October 20, 1999. Throughout his career, YoungBoy has been known for his aggressive, drill-like although soulful music. Since so many rappers falsify events just to get good lyrics or media, it is refreshing to be able to listen to a rapper which has certainly endured everything he raps about. One issue I have with YoungBoy is his seemingly career-limiting inconsistency, meaning that he is usually unable to create great tracks regularly.

Lyrics:  90

The best facet of YoungBoy’s music, without a doubt, is his lyrics. He raps about real-life events which actually matter, unlike some rappers which talk about materialistic things to make up for their own lyric’s lack of originality and soulfulness. Even though some may think YoungBoy may overuse the topics he raps about, I still find comfort in the fact that he does not constantly rap about drug abuse like so many other rappers.

Flow: 75

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YoungBoy’s flow is a major part of his career which he could improve on. For the most part, YoungBoy only possesses one type of flow. This means that, in every song, the listener is never surprised with the way YoungBoy delivers his lyrics. This, in a way, makes every song seem repetitive as time after time the listener is given music which sounds the same as what they’ve already heard. I believe that if YoungBoy were to work on unlocking new flows, he’d expand his career’s horizon greatly.

…. if YoungBoy were to work on unlocking new flows, he’d expand his career’s horizon greatly.

Style: 86

Despite the fact that many people find drill or “gangsta” music to be too aggressive or “angry-sounding”, I think it’s a great thing that drill artists like YoungBoy exist so the industry’s sub-genres remain diversified. It should also be mentioned that the sound of YoungBoy’s songs, for the most part, makes you feel some sort of way, unlike other music.

Overall: 83.6

Although some people may dislike his aggressive flow, I certainly believe that YoungBoy is able to deliver a clear story within his lyrics which will make each listener “feel a way”. If he continues to work on his music, I believe YoungBoy has the potential to be a top ten new rapper.